Industry 4.0/5G

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Within the Industry 4.0 spectrum, the EU positions itself as a key “solution provider” in production technology, digitalization and resource efficiency. Both the EU Manufacture Vision 2030 and the European Factory of the Future program, (under the Horizon 2020 initiative), clearly target a leadership strategy based on complexity products and key enabling technologies (advanced materials, nanotechnologies, etc.).

The Southern African – German Chamber of Commerce & Industry has already set up a working group labelled “Industry 4.0” with approximatively 20 German companies and has organized two meetings to date. The EU Chamber has accepted the proposal by the German Chamber to build on that existing working group and elevate it at the European level, using the EU Chamber as hosting and coordinating counterpart for the newly European platform.

The interest of the EU Chamber working group has been on “5G for Industry” being the basis for most other emerging technologies. This topic is already multi-facetted (diverse regulatory and policy issues).