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Winds of change: Trade as a catalyst for board gender diversity

Women in Position of power. What are the outcomes and how can we achieve more diverse corporate leadership structures?

Energy Savings in Agriculture: EU Experiences to Support South Africa’s Ambitions

The agricultural sector’s importance to the South African economy has been highlighted in recent years;

Potential of offshore wind energy as a power source for South Africa

The global offshore wind energy market is growing rapidly while the cost of the technology – involving both shallow water ‘fixed-bottom’ and deeper water ‘floating’ substructures – is dropping significantly

Powerfuels 2: Stimulating domestic hydrogen consumption opportunities in South Africa

Powerfuels are synthetic gaseous or liquid fuels based on renewable hydrogen, which is hydrogen obtained by the electrolysis of water using renewable electricity. Powerfuels are therefore a renewable alternative to fossil fuels (as their use avoids net emissions of CO2), to be used in sectors which may be difficult to decarbonise and may not be easily driven directly by renewables-based electricity.