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TIPS FDI Tracker latest update on FDI

Summary of Research Report

TIPS FDI Tracker latest update that provides a follow up on FDI situation since the investment conference last year.

The TIPS FDI Tracker monitors foreign direct investment projects on a quarterly basis, using published information. The total investment value from projects captured this quarter was R68.9 billion. Projects captured in the fourth quarter are a mix of those announced at the 2020 Investment Conference and others identified outside the conference.

The third South African Investment Conference took place in November 2020 against the backdrop of the COVID-19 depression. It picked up 50 pledges from foreign and local companies, totalling approximately R109 billion. Of these, 21 pledges totalling R36.1 billion came from foreign companies. As with previous conference pledges, some of the investments are already in the pipeline, rather than entirely new projects. The FDI Tracker for quarters three and four 2020 will provide a detailed analysis.

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