Powerfuels and Green Hydrogen

Summary of Research Report

Powerfuels are synthetic gaseous or liquid fuels based on renewable hydrogen, which is hydrogen obtained by the electrolysis of water using renewable electricity. Powerfuels are therefore a renewable alternative to fossil fuels (as their use avoids net emissions of CO2), to be used in sectors which may be difficult to decarbonise and may not be easily driven directly by renewables-based electricity.

The EU-SA Partners for Growth Programme, which supports the EU Delegation in South Africa, hosted a technical workshop on Powerfuels together with WITS Business School in December 2019 in South Africa. Following on from the successful workshop, the EU-SA Partnership plan to host a study tour to Europe for South African policymakers and companies to demonstrate Powerfuels expertise and know-how. This Research Paper has been commissioned by the EU-SA Partnership to prepare for this Powerfuels study tour.