Green Hydrogen Fuels

Globally, most GHG emissions are due to fossil fuels and this is especially the case in South Africa. Additional contributions expected from developing countries means that the global energy demand is expected to rise by a third by 2040. Thus, the primary challenge of the transition needed to reduce energy related GHG emissions, while maintaining and increasing security of supply and the availability and affordability of energy.

From a current technology viewpoint, it is not yet feasible for RE and EE to cover all energy requirements up to 2050. For example, energy storage for air and marine transport is not yet feasible. Powerfuels is being touted as the missing link between EE, RE and electrification. Green Hydrogen Fuels (Powerfuels) are synthetic gases and liquid fuels produced from Power-to-X processes by utilising renewable electricity. Powerfuels are being discussed around the world as an important option for the future energy system as they can help to reduce emissions in all consumption sectors and can also be a central component of energy security and innovation strategies of countries and industries.