Business Day " Surprising new rules on empowerment are holding investors back says EU Chamber"

B-BBEE - statement

The South African Government has in unity expressed a clear demand for economic transformation in the latest SONA and the national Budget Speech. The EU Business Chamber acknowledges the importance of economic transformation, especially in view of the European experience, where the growth of the middle class and greater economic inclusiveness has been key for social stability in the region. Read Full Statement here

Business Day: Building in Africa tumbles

Regional Director Stefan Sakoschek was mentioned in the Business Day article "Building in Africa tumbles" (published 9 November 2016):

Meanwhile, the EU Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Africa, said on Tuesday EU investors feared for the future of SA’s acclaimed renewable energy plan. "There is an urgent need for the outstanding purchase power agreements with Eskom to be signed," Stefan Sakoschek, regional director of the EU chamber, said. "Unfortunately … the current delays in the signing, awarding, and implementation of the IPP [independent power producer] contracts and the lack of communication [by Eskom] have raised doubts about the resilience of SA’s renewable energy targets," he said.

The full article can be found here.