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An Executive Update: Afrika Tikkun Service's Cradle to Career Model - an innovative skills development and recruitment solution for Corporates (Errol Pillay, Afrika Tikkun Services)

  • EU Chamber 19 Autumn Road Sandton, GP, 2128 South Africa (map)

Following our insightful session with IBM on their Equity Equivalent Programme, we will focus this time on Skills Development, a priority component of the Scorecard with increased weighting under the new Codes. 

Afrika Tikkun as one of the largest and most reputable NGOs in South Africa has extended its operational model and established a commercial affiliate that leverages its existing childhood and youth development programmes towards a holistic "cradle to career" model in Afrika Tikkun Services. 

The integrated approach which offers a one-stop shop solution from the corporate's HR requirements analysis, tailored training according to pre-agreed curricula, to the final placement in a permanent employment position. Corporates benefit not only from optimal Scorecard compliance but, similar to Equity Equivalent Programmes, enjoy measurable economic benefits in terms of reduced HR recruitment costs and higher productivity due to customised training. Thus far, no European corporate has taken advantage of this strategic supply chain option.
Errol Pillay, CEO of Afrika Tikkun Services (pty) Ltd, will highlight the salient features of the model and illustrate how this solution strikes the fine balance between economic benefits, Scorecard compliance and good corporate citizenship in a very efficient and effective manner. 

Seats are limited. Corporate Members enjoy guaranteed access. 

Please note that this a "personal invitation only" event. If you haven't received an invitation but would be interested to attend, please contact us