Discussion Paper on WTO's "Trade Facilitation Draft Agreement" regarding substandard, counterfeit, and dangerous goods imported into South Africa

In order to restore the balance and speed up the flow of trade in South Africa, and as South Africa is a subscriber to WTO rules and processes, EU companies, SACCI, and other stakeholders in South Africa solicit the urgent implementation of WTO-TBT, Art 5.3 , namely the requirement for a conformity assessment certificate (conformity to South African Standards, equivalent to a LOA as required in South Africa) as part of the documentation required for imported goods, pre-arrival into South Africa.
The negative impact on jobs, manufacturing and the economy at large of these sub- standard imports which are dumped on the African sub-continent, and in South Africa specifically, are a source of concern. Our joint suggestion comprises of pleas and operational suggestions, relative to the issuance of a Directive by the DTI, as well as recognition and utilization by NRCS of international standards conformity assessment bodies.

Please find the full document attached here.